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What Would You Do Differently Interview Question Tips

This interview question is a bit trickier than most. Youll want to make sure you dont wallow in regret or draw attention to really bad decisions youve made. You have a tough balancing act to negotiate with a question like this. The best interviews are ones in which the interviewer feels like he or she has really gotten to know you. If all of your answers are calculated and safe, youll end up making a tepid impression at best. At the same time, providing too much information is also a danger, and this interview question can easily lead to TMI. The Best Answers to the Interview Question The most effective  answers to this interview question will put a positive spin on the issue youve chosen to discuss. A strong answer doesnt express regret about a bad decision; instead, it presents regret over not seizing all the opportunities available to you. For example, the following would make good responses: Classes: You wish you had taken calculus instead of an easier math class. Be specific and explain why taking calculus would have been a good idea.Work Experience: You wish you had looked for a more challenging job than the local burger joint. Explain what you would like to get out of a job, but also be sure to consider some of the benefits of work experience even with an unskilled job.Extracurricular: You wish you had discovered earlier in high school that you really enjoy theater. If you werent fortunate enough to discover an extracurricular passion in middle school or early in high school, this interview question gives you an opportunity to explain your passion and address why you didnt have an extracurricular activity that you pursued for all four years of high school.Grades: You wish you had worked harder in your freshmen year. This isnt an unusual situation. Some students are late bloomers, and your interviewer shouldnt hold this against you. A more personal response is also appropriate as long as it presents you in a positive light. Perhaps you wish you had spent more time with your grandmother before she came down with cancer, or perhaps you wish you had helped your brother more when he was struggling in school. Avoid These Interview Answers In general, youd probably be wise to avoid answers related to topics such as these: Your relationships. It wouldnt be surprising if your biggest regret from high school was a disastrous relationship. However, if you answer the interview question with details about that nasty boyfriend or girlfriend, youll be introducing a lot of negativity into your interview. This type of response can easily sound immature, ungenerous, and spiteful. Steer clear.A class you hated. Do you really regret taking that class with that bad  teacher? Fine, but keep it to yourself. The best students can navigate all kinds of classroom environments, and your interviewer wont be impressed if you start bad-mouthing your teachers. In college, youll have bad professors, and youll need the composure and maturity to succeed in those classes despite the instructor.Your problems with drugs or alcohol. If you got messed up with drugs or alcohol in college, hopefully, you do wish that you could go back and do things differently. That said, the college interview is not the best place to address this i ssue. While your interviewer may be impressed with your ability to confront your substance abuse, he or she may also feel uneasy about admitting a student who abused alcohol or drugs. Your interviewer may question your judgment or feel that you represent too great of a risk to the college. After all, colleges have enough problems with substance abuse without admitting students who have a proven track record of abuse. You may also find it useful to consider some of the bad application essay topics, for some of these topics are ones that youll want to avoid in your interview as well as the essay. A Final Word About Discussing Regrets Think carefully about this question before you set foot in the interview room. Its not a difficult question, but it does have the ability to go astray if you draw attention to an action that reveals foolishness or poor judgment. If you focus on an opportunity you wish you had seized, you can also discuss how you look forward to seizing that opportunity in college. Finally, keep in mind that the interview is nearly always a congenial exchange of information. Interviews arent meant to trick you or make you uncomfortable. Try to relax, be yourself, and enjoy sharing information with your interviewer.

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Different Theories Concepts Of International Trade Theories

In this paper, the author will examine, and categorizes the differences between different theory concepts of international trade theories. The author will analysis and seriously assess their believe concepts and believe. The author of this assignment agrees with the economist that international trade is the interdependence of nations in terms of trade. International trade theories are basically different theories, with their concept of trade how they explain international trade. The concept of majority of economist believes that, trade is about exchanging goods and services between two people or countries within the world. People do trade because they believe that, from the exchange of goods and service, both can benefit from each other as resources. They need the goods and services which they are exchanged. Though at the surface, this may sound very simple, there is a great deal of theory, policy, and business strategy that constitutes international trade. The author will talk about the different trade theories that have developed over the past century and which are mine. Most applicable in today s business world. In addition, the author will explore the issues which impact international trade and how businesses and governments use these issues to their respective benefits to promote their. According to Blecker (1997) Absolute Advantage Adam Smith a Scottish an economist, known as the father of free trade and he was recognized as the founder of modern economics and asShow MoreRelatedInternational Trade Theories, Trade, Cultural Diffusion, And Economic Trade Theory1374 Words   |  6 Pagesand base concept of international trade theories. The author will examine and critically assess the concept of international trade. This paper agrees with the economist that international trade is the interdependence of nations in terms of trade, cultural diffusion, and economic interdependency. International business trade theories are basically different theories with their concept of trade how they explain international trade. The concept of majority of economist believe that, trade is about exchangingRead MoreMajor Trade Theories888 Words   |  4 PagesTrade theories Introduction The concept of absolute advantage is one of the most fundamental areas of concern in the study of economics. In its basic meaning, absolute advantage refers to the ability of one individual or party to produce more of a particular good or service than other competitors given the same amount of resources. In this regard, absolute advantage becomes a very important aspect in the concept of international trade as it clearly defines the different areas where countries shouldRead MoreDavid Ricardos The Principle Of Political Economy And Taxation1519 Words   |  7 Pagesmodern economics was David Ricardo who developed the concept of the comparative advantage of trade. This concept is a part of the classical theory of trade and was published in 1817 in David Ricardo’s book entitled the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation (Appleyard Field, 2014, p. 30). This paper will address the effectiveness of this concept as it has been applied to real-world international trade afte r the General Agreement in Trade and Tariffs (GATT) was signed in 1947. How the levelRead MoreRealism, Liberalism, And Marxism1024 Words   |  5 PagesRealism, liberalism, and Marxism are all different perspectives that can be used to analyze situations and aid government officials to understandings and agreements in relation to trade. Lawrence Herman s article focusses on the potential destruction of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) caused by the disturbing and unacceptable proposals by the United States president, Donald Trump. There are many different views on Free trade but three main perspectives are the realist views, whichRead MoreEssay on International Trade Simulation987 Words   |  4 Pagessummarize the International Trade Simulation, explain the basic concept of International Trade, emphasize the four key points from the reading assignments in the simulation, and apply these concepts to my workplace. Simulation Summary In the International Trade simulation, you are the Trade Representative of a small country called Rodamia. You are introduced to international trade--the theory of comparative advantage and the impact of tariffs, quotas, and dumping on international trade (Applying InternationalRead MoreTrade Is The Exchange Of Good And Services Between Two Countries1458 Words   |  6 PagesTrade is the exchange of good and services between two countries. When circumstances of the countries are right, trade can bring out the benefits to all of the countries involved. It is also a powerful driver for sustainable growth and rising living standards. International trade has the potential of benefiting participating countries through specialisation, lower prices and greater competition of local producers. Many countries have seen a growing share of their GDP directly linked to overseas tradeRead MoreRelationship Between International Trade And Marketing914 Words   |  4 Pagesgeneral overview of the r elationship between international trade and marketing. It will first present a historical background about import and exports, the trade agreements and their impact. Perhaps before, marketing wasn’t considered an important branch of trade but how important is marketing for the new companies that want to go global and enter on international trade? The paper will study the different elements of marketing that comes to life in the trade process and how important it really is forRead MoreThe Theory Of International Relations1535 Words   |  7 PagesWhen studying International Relations, there are various theories involved, three of these theories being: realism, liberalism, and constructivism. A theory is fundamentally ideas and complex concepts that have their own way of understanding something. These theories are used in evaluating world politics, by coming up with a unique way of identifying and explaining the events that occur around the world (Mingst 5). The theories help explain different perspectives on how the world system functions;Read MoreIssues in Global Business1296 Words   |  6 PagesModule Title Issues in Global Business and Strategic Concepts       Module Code 6IM 501      Module Level 6 Credit value 40      Total Number 400 of Learning Hours Key Words Implementation of Global strategy, strategy and the organisation, strategic development, globalisation, international business and the environment, internationalisation.      Module Description There has been a fundamental shiftRead MoreWorld Trade Essay example1308 Words   |  6 PagesTraditional and most developed form of international relationships is world trade. World trade is around 80 percent of all international economical relationships. International trade is a form of communications between manufactures of different countries that comes out as a result of world labor division, and express mutual economic dependence. Wild, in his book gives us a definition of world trade as: The purchase, sale, or exchange of goods and services across national borders induced by sellers

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Deportation Of The United States Essay - 1527 Words

Deportation in the United States Immigration has and still a dilemma for the United States. Immigration has shaped the United States as a nation since the first newcomers arrived over 400 years ago. Immigrants contribute deeply to many of the economic, social, and political processes that are foundational to the United States as a nation. Millions of immigrants are deported every year. The ethnicity of immigrants living in the United States come from all around. Mexico has the largest population of immigrants coming to America. â€Å"The number of unauthorized immigrants living in the United States is estimated to 11.2 million, the majority of whom are from Mexico† (Boehm, 32). Some immigrants entered the United States illegally (by crossing the U.S. Border) and some through a visit visa. Immigration is associated with deportation. What is deportation? â€Å"Deportation is a major law enforcement system that looms over the tens of millions non-citizens who live, study, and work in this country† (Kanstroom, 2007). Other will see deportation as a punishment but it isn’t. it is a restitution, which is restoring the status quo, making things like they were before the crime happened. According to the article No Human Being is Illegal, Cesar and Garcia quoted, â€Å"Furthermore, expanding Congress’s power is the law’s view, developed in cases stretching as far back as 1882, that deportation Is not a punishment for crime. It does not matter to the supreme court, which has repeatedly endorsedShow MoreRelatedDeportation: Immigration to the United States and Illegal Alien2373 Words   |  10 PagesMarch 5th, 2013 Essay: Living in the land of the free or face deportation In August 29, 1999, a young student felt the need to leave his own country to migrate in the US for a better way of living. The idea to come to America seemed to be a difficult step to take, and also very complicated at the same time. But with a democratic President in power, everyone always think the possibilityRead More The Unjust Deportation of Cambodian Refugees Essay530 Words   |  3 PagesThe Unjust Deportation of Cambodian Refugees A policy that has made it possible for the deportation of refugees back to their homeland has already affected 1,400 Cambodians. As a result of the Illegal Immigration and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, non-citizens of the United States who have been convicted of certain crimes are being targeted for deportation. The U.S. Committee for Refugees states that this harsh law has made it easy for the Immigration and Naturalization ServiceRead MoreUndocumented Immigrants Should Be Legal949 Words   |  4 Pagesthough illegal immigrants did make an illicit action, many see the United States as an opportunity for a better future. In addition, undocumented immigrants should be granted citizenship because it will benefit the United States. Creating an amnesty for the students will help the United States by improving the economy, create more jobs and decrease deportation. Granting citizenship to illegal immigrants will benefit the United States in the economy. Legalizing immigrants will help them earn more moneyRead MoreRacism And Racism1326 Words   |  6 Pagesracism have been a major problem in all governments. Inequality is the difference in size, degree, and circumstances. Governments have showed inequality in their economic growth, which also helps them thrive on the poor. Racism is also a benefit to states where the dominant race runs the government. A liberal democracy is a democratic system of government in which individual rights and freedoms are officially recognized and protected, and the exercise of political power is limited by the rule of lawRead MoreThe Bombing Of The United States1058 Words   |  5 Pagessite of the twin towers being brought down. Because of the hijacked planes, it destroyed many lives as well as the families that lost someone in that tragedy. The United States has changed since September 11th, 2001 because after new changes in airport security was made, deportation rose, and immigration decreased. The United States has changed since September 11th, 2001 because after the incident, new changes in airport security were made. The changes in security was because before the hijackRead MoreIllegal Immigration Is The Act Of Migrating Across A National Border1310 Words   |  6 Pagesspite of all the laws that was issued the door was left open especially for the Mexican immigrants. Throughout time numbers continued to rise and decline, Now the number of illegal immigrants in the United States is huge. And according to American community survey (ACS) data (2015) , The United States immigrant population came to more than 13.5% of the total American population. The main causes of the problem can be summarized in two main points: poverty or the economic situation of people in theRead MoreThe Issue Over Illegal Immigrants1594 Words   |  7 Pagesconcerning the risk of infectious diseases being spread by illegal immigrants? Are they basing our risk of infection on another country study results who â€Å"closely matches our TB program? Has the debate and concern over illegal immigrants in the United States sparked fears among health authorities about the spread of tuberculosis? According to a medical news article entitled, History of Tuberculosis, â€Å"Tuberculosis has around since ancient times, it existed 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. It has been foundRead MoreAnalysis of Lopez vs. Gonzales Court Case Essay1057 Words   |  5 Pages Even before the Declaration of Independence was written, the United States was always a country where people journey upon to seek a better life to the land of the free in order to find a life style on the idea â€Å"life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.† Since immigration is recognized as one of the largest dilemmas of homeland security, people value their safety, disregarding the fact that the United States was born from immigrants. However, this does not mean that immigrants do not have toRead MoreTaking a Look at Immigration to America656 Words   |  3 Pagesmoved from India to the United States of America in 2001. My dad had gotten a job here so we all shifted from India to the U.S and have been living here since. We emigrated from India to here. Immigration is the process of moving from one country to another. People will immigrate for different reasons. There are two types of immigration, legal and illegal and there are different visa types for people immigratin g into the country. People who are moving to the United States are legally immigratingRead MoreAfter Wwi, The United States Saw A Decline In Their Economic1586 Words   |  7 PagesAfter WWI, the United States saw a decline in their economic boom and by late 1910s they entered into a severe recession. This economic downfall was felt throughout the world as the majority of all nations attempted to recover from the aftermath of the war. After a few years of an economic downturn, the United States hit its stride in the 1920s as it entered another economic boom referred to as the â€Å"Roaring 20s†. This economic boom had such a tremendous impact that it is reported that the, â€Å"nation’s

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Contract Law Text - Cases - and Legislative

Questiuon: Discuss about the Contract Law for Text, Cases, and Legislative. Answer: Introduction: Saber, a business student found the last copy of the game Mars struck: Metal Squad in a local game store, worth $6.99. He knew the price of the game was $69.99 so he picked up the game and went to the cashier. The game was checked and the price was found to be $69.99. Saber took the storekeeper to the shelf and pointed the shop has offered the game at $6.99 and he has accepted the same, thus, creating a contract. The storekeeper stated it to be typographical error but Saber said he would bring a court action against the store if the game was not sold to him at $6.99. Saber said that it took him a lot of time and effort to reach to the store so he is ready to pay the price difference between the store price and the retail price. The storekeeper agreed to him. In Australia, the law of contract is defined as promises and set of promises that are legally binding. A contract is said to be valid if it includes the following essential elements: A promise or set of promises that are legally enforceable is a contract and to make the promises legally binding there must be an agreement; consideration; the intention of the parties to comply with the legal formalities and the parties to the contract must be legally competent to enter into the agreement. The contract must be a privity contract and must be enforceable by and against the parties to the contract The agreement is binding if there is consideration for the proposed promise.A contract must not include unfair or illegal terms. A contract terminates after completion of the contractual obligations or by an agreement between the parties or on violation of any of the contractual terms. In a contract, there must be an offer by one party and another party must accept the offer. An offer can be made to any person or a particular group of persons or even to the whole world. A person may withdraw his offer any time before the acceptance of the offer. However, before withdrawing the offer the person proposing the offer must communicate the same to the person. Therefore, an offer is a promise that is legally binding subject to the condition that the terms of the offer are accepted and there is no further scope of negotiation. When customers make offers to the seller it is called invitation to treat. Unlike offer, an invitation to treat has no legal binding between the parties as it only invites a person to make an offer. In the case of Pharmaceuticals v. Boots (1953)1 ALL ER 482, CA it is stated that goods in the display of a store are regarded as invitation to treat and not as an offer. An invitation to treat usually arises in cases where advertisements and store displays are involved. For example- an advertisement for jobs is posted on internet; it is treated as an invitation to treat. If a company offers a job to a person without any advertisement regarding the job, then it is an offer. In Fisher v Bell [1961], it is stated that display goods are not offers in any sense but are merely an invitation to treat. Application In the given case, first issue deals with the situation where Saber finds the last copy of the game Mars Struck: Metal Squad at $6.99. Now, according to the law of contracts, any advertisements or display of goods in a store are not treated as offers. They are treated as an invitation to treat and not an offer to sell as stated above in the case of Pharmaceuticals v. Boots (1953)1 ALL ER 482, CA. As stated earlier in Fisher v Bell, goods displayed in a store with a price tag on it are merely an invitation but not an offer. The display goods are treated as an invitation to treat, where the offer is made when customer takes the goods at the cash desk. The shopkeeper may not accept such offer. If the display goods are treated as an offer, then the storekeeper may be forced to become legally bound to some contracts, which he may be unable to fulfill. This would be unfair to the storekeeper in the sense that it will deprive him of his freedom to bargain. Here, Saber saw the game price in the display of the store and when he took the game to the cash desk, the storekeeper said the game is worth $69.99 and the price tag was a typographical error. The storekeeper is not legally bound to accept the offer of Saber as goods in the display of store is treated as an invitation to offer and not an offer. The storekeeper cannot be forced to accept the offer and form a contract as for a contract to be valid; it must be entered into with free consent. In the changed scenario, where Saber is willing to pay the price difference between the store price and original price and the storekeeper agrees to his offer, then a contract is formed and the attended becomes legally bound to fulfill his obligations to the contract. A contract is created when one party proposes an offer and the other party accepts the same. Here, both the parties have entered into such contract with proper understanding and free consent. In this situation, display goods in a store is an offer. Conclusion As per the Contract law, display goods in a store with a price tag attached to it are treated as an invitation to treat and it gives the shopkeeper freedom to bargain and to avert any unfairness or hassle. However, in some specific situations, display goods are treated as an offer if the term of the offer indicates an intention to be legally bound. If the shopkeeper is willing to pay the display price, then the display goods can be treated as an offer. Reference list Davenport, Shayne, and David Parker. "Business and law in Australia." (2012). Graw, Stephen. "An introduction to the law of contract." (2012). McKendrick, Ewan.Contract law: text, cases, and materials. Oxford University Press (UK), 2014. Munday, Roderick. "Fisher v Bell revisited: misjudging the legislative craft."The Cambridge Law Journal72.01 (2013): 50-64. O'Sullivan, Janet, and Jonathan Hilliard.The law of contract. Oxford University Press, 2016. Poole, Jill.Textbook on contract law. Oxford University Press, 2016.

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Hadith Literature Essay Example

Hadith Literature Essay Introduction Hadithliterature is a aggregation of Islamic Traditions which are considered by Muslims to be descriptions of the words and workss of the Prophet Muhummad, so hence a fancied Tradition is a composing which does non reflect the true words and workss of Muhummad but is falsely ascribed to the Prophet however. Islamic and Western beginnings both hold that an tremendous sum of counterfeit was committed during the creative activity of Hadith literature, with Ibn Hanbal doing the claim that fictions occur in the Hadith to such a great extent that these Hagiographas have been more affected by counterfeit than any other subdivision of literature. The sheer bulk of the fancied Traditions are believed to hold been introduced toHadithliterature by the storytellers themselves, through hammering the statements and invented ironss of transmittal from Muhummad to themselves from their ain imaginativeness to add legitimacy to theirHadith. The presence of false histories of the workss and words of Mu hummad is non allowable to Muslims, [ 1 ] so hence traditional and modern Muslim bookmans have made assorted efforts to place the fanciedHadithliterature and take them from the cannon. We will write a custom essay sample on Hadith Literature specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Hadith Literature specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Hadith Literature specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Purposes of the Undertaking The primary purpose of this research undertaking is to analyze the extent to which the phenomenon of fiction occurs inHadithliterature and the ways in which Muslim bookmans have responded to this phenomenon. This undertaking besides aims to analyze the differences in sentiments between Muslim bookmans and Western bookmans that have arisen during treatments of counterfeit in Hadith literature. Through dividing my focal point into these two wide classs of analysis I am taking to analyze the possible influence of personal spiritual beliefs on the ways in which spiritual texts are analysed. This will be achieved by analyzing the differences between how Muslim bookmans have chosen to analyze this issue and how this compares and contrasts to the ways in which Western bookmans analyse the really same texts. Significance of the Undertaking The significance of this research undertaking is highlighted by the really being of voluminous sums of literature which explores the subject ofHadithcounterfeit, which serves as an index of the importance that this issue holds to both Muslim and Western bookmans. [ 2 ] This research is alone because it attempts to give a holistic history of fiction in theHadithliterature by every bit analyzing the different attacks that are taken by Muslim and Western bookmans and pulling decisions based upon a balanced attack which considers both point of views. Personal Motivation My personal motive for chosing this subject is a desire to derive a deeper and more sophisticated cognition and apprehension of the Koran. I am motivated to put my focal point onHadithliterature due to the fact that these traditions are cardinal to understanding how Muhummad related to his followings and behaved in mundane life and are hence an built-in componant of understanding Islam and the Koran in general. I am motivated to analyze this subject from both Western and Muslim positions because I am seeking to derive a holistic apprehension of the subject that can merely be gained through equal attending to literature developed by bookmans from both universes. Methodology The methodological analysis that I will use to analyze the extent to which counterfeits occur in Hadith literature and the ways in which Muslim bookmans have responded to this phenomenon will imply separate scrutinies of these issues from a Western position and from a Muslim position. I will carry on a reappraisal of literature written by non-Muslims who have an academic background within the Western educational context and besides coincident reappraisal of Muslim scholar’s Hagiographas on the same subjects. This research proposal will get down its treatment of the extent of fiction inHadithliterature by researching some of the point of views contained within the Hagiographas on this subject that have been presented by Western writers. The sentiment of these bookmans on this sacredly pertinent subject is important because unlike bookmans composing from a Muslim position, these writers presumptively view theHadithliterature without the prejudice that can perchance originate fro m a desire to warrant bing dogmatic spiritual beliefs. This statement does non presume that Western writers have approached this subject in an indifferent and scientific mode, but it is of import in any balanced research undertaking to see decisions reached by bookmans who approach the subject from different positions and who have different purposes and ends when carry oning their research. After an geographic expedition of some typical Western scholarly sentiments on the subject of the extent of fiction inHadithliterature, this research proposal will research the literature which expresses the point of views espoused by bookmans who write on this subject from a Muslim position. Due to the fact that these bookmans are composing on this subject from within the Islamic spiritual tradition, these bookmans presumptively view theHadithliterature as texts that are imbued with personal spiritual significance and hence have a position on this affair that widely differs from what that expressed by Western bookmans. While Muslim bookmans have engaged in a drawn-out argument about the extent to which fabricated Hagiographas permeateHadithliterature, as a generalization it can be said that Muslim bookmans hold that there is more historical truth in the word pictures of the words and behaviors of Muhummad so Western critics are willing to profess. This phenomenon can be partially at tributed to the fact that these Hagiographas have immense religious and spiritual significance to Muslim bookmans, summed up by M. M. Azami when he stated that theHadithof the Prophet is the 2nd chief beginning of Islamic jurisprudence, valid forever, and the life of the Prophet is a theoretical account which ought to be followed by Muslims irrespective of clip and topographic point. For this ground, the Companions, even in the life of the Prophet, began to spread the cognition of theSunnahand they were ordered by the Prophet to make so [ 3 ] . From this statement entirely we can see that through the lens of spiritual significance, as opposed to the scientific and historic lens of Western writers, texts gain an importance in a sacredly important mode and hence needfully keep truth to the reader as a affair of religion. This research proposal will so research some of the relevant literature on the assorted ways that Muslim bookmans are thought to see the extent to which fictions occu r in Hadith literature. This research proposal will so travel its focal point from a treatment of the extent to which fictions occur inHadithliterature to a treatment of the ways in which Muslim bookmans attempted to extinguish fictions from this literature. Once once more, Western bookmans who have written on this issue have differing sentiments to the bookmans from a Muslim background. Due to this obvious fact this research undertaking will discourse the ways in which Muslim bookmans responded to this phenomenon through their assorted methods which were designed to extinguish fictions fromHadithliterature. Following this geographic expedition of the efforts that have been made to extinguish fictions I will discourse the assorted unfavorable judgments that have been directed by Western bookmans towards these methods and the diehards who implemented them. Despite the fact that considerable attempt has been invested by Muslim bookmans in finding whichHadithTraditions are counterfeits and which are accurate, the methods employed by Muslim bookmans have been widely criticised by Western writers on the subject. Looking at the subject from the point of view of a Muslim bookman who believes that Islam was established by an infallible prophesier, it is wholly plausible that Muhummad would hold foreseen the hereafter development of Islam and the centrality of the Hadith to the Islamic people and hence have taken stairss to guarantee the truth of theHadithliterature. To a Western bookman nevertheless, this is a much less scientifically plausible state of affairs than Muhummad moving in a mode that was non witting of the signifier that Islam would finally take. Unlike Muslim bookmans, Western writers have no spiritual jussive mood to happen truth in theHadithliterature and hence have a basically different attack to the spiritual tradition as a whole. With this critical point in head, this research undertaking will eventually analyze some unfavorable judgments aimed towards the methods through which Muslim bookmans attempted to place counterfeits withinHadithliterature. Literature Review There has been a important sum of attending given to the subject of the extent of fiction inHadithliterature by bookmans in the Western universe, but it is widely acknowledged that the first bookman who explored this subject from a Western position was Gustav Weil in 1848 [ 4 ] . In the sentiment of Weil, the extent of the presence of fiction inHadithliterature is so terrible that really small acceptance should be lent to the genuineness of theHadithliterature, as the sheer bulk can non be flatly proven to be true histories of the life and workss of Muhummad [ 5 ] . Western bookmans since Weil have by and large supported his decisions sing the extent that fiction occurs inHadithliterature. For illustration, the German bookman Ignaz Goldziher was another Western advocate of this point of view. The chapter researching the fiction ofHadithliterature in his book Muslim Studies’ reached the decision that no portion of theHadithcan be flatly proven to be the reliable vocalizations o f Muhummad or even a dependable description of the manner in which he behaved [ 6 ] . In the position of Goldziher, theHadithis simply a aggregation of fictions which arose from the societal and historical development of Islam that occurred in the first two centuries after Muhummad, and hence theHadithcan non be considered to incorporate any accurate word pictures of the life of Muhummad whatsoever. If the point of views of these Western writers are taken to be accurate, one can reason that theHadithliterature is so prevailing with fictions and inaccuracies that it is impossible to find if the literature contains any historical truth at all. While there is no argument among Muslim authors that fictions are present inHadithliterature, there is nevertheless dissensions that revolve around the extent to which they occur and when these fictions originated. For illustration, in his book entitled The Authenticity of the Tradition Literature’ , Juynboll stated that All Muslim theologists agree on the fact that counterfeit of traditions has occurred on a bit by bit increasing graduated table from the center of the first century of the Higra onwards, until such writers as Bukhari, Muslim and others had compiled their about unflawed aggregations ; by making so they gave the tradition literature its decidedly sound signifier. [ 7 ] However, another Muslim bookman, A §-eidd?q Bash?r Na §r claimed that Juynboll’s sentiment is prevailing with bias, reasoning that Juynboll concluded this position from the statements of theologists and that the original Traditionists did non keep this position. Na §r argues that the most likely day of the month of the outgrowth of fictions in the Hadith literature is the center of the first century [ 8 ] . InNa §r’sposition there is dependable historical grounds that can be used to presume that the fiction began during the Caliphate of gt ; Uthm?n or even gt ; Al? who died in 40 A.H.. [ 9 ] Other Muslim bookmans argue that fictions began to emerge while Muhummad was still alive. For illustration, to back up this position that fiction began during the life-time of the Prophet. Aumad Am?n often quoted Tradition which reads, Who intentionally lies about me, he will seek himself a topographic point in Hell. [ 10 ] Am?n understood this Tradition to connote that the counterfeit took topographic point at the clip of the Prophet and this tradition was uttered in response to an incident in which some words were attributed to the Prophet but he was non responsible for them. [ 11 ] Other Muslim bookmans choose to reason against the Western statements that no truth can be attributed toHadithliterature by indicating that that the truth position ofHadithliterature is merely expressed in likely footings. Wael Hallaq is a advocate of this line of logical thinking, reasoning that the early and mediaeval Muslim bookmans acknowledged that theHadith’struthfulness can non of all time be known apodictically [ 12 ] . Hallaq pointed out that theHadithare separated into theMutawatirwhich figure less than a twelve and are provably true, and theAhadwhich are merely thought to be likely true [ 13 ] . Since the majority of theHadithHagiographas autumn into the latter class they can non be capable to the Western historical unfavorable judgments that authors such as Weir and Goldziher subject them to. While the above Muslim writers chose to put their focal point upon when fictions began to happen in theHadithliterature, other bookmans such as the Pakistani bookman Fazlur Ra hman deny the strong presence of fictions withinHadithliterature. In his book Islamic Methodology in History’,Fazlur argues that in line with the Arabic tradition of passing down verse forms, expressions, and statements of their Judgess and tribal leaders, there is no uncertainty that the workss and stating of person they considered to be the Prophet of God would be narrated every bit accurately as possible [ 14 ] . Rahman argues that the rejection of this natural phenomenon is equivalent to a grave unreason, a wickedness against history [ 15 ] . Despite the fact that Rahman argues that theHadithcompetently covers Muhummad’s behavior, he does profess that it besides contains extra stuff such as asides, analogies, and new thoughts, but that these add-ons are non needfully pure fictions based upon falsenesss. So while Muslim bookmans do reason about the extent to which fictions have occurred inHadithliterature and when they began to happen, it is clear that they are much less critical of the pervasion of fictions withinHadithliterature than Western bookmans. TheHadithliterature was originally transmitted from one individual to another through unwritten agencies. When they were recorded in the written word they were by and large accompanied by a series of links between the people who originally transmitted the narratives or cognition contained within theHadith. This concatenation of transmittal, referred to as theisnad, was closely studied by the medieval and traditional Muslim bookmans who sought to find whichHadithswere falsified and which were a true word picture of the life and behavior of Muhummad. For aHadithto be considered echt it had to hold an unbrokenisnadconcatenation with no spreads in the transmittal and the personal unity of the people quoted in theseisnadswas of tantamount importance in finding if theHadithwas to be considered dependable. [ 16 ] This close appraisal of theisnadscame to be known as the Science of the Hadith’ which was unusually sophisticated and at one phase was divided up into 200 sub-fields of ques tion [ 17 ] . In add-on to the close appraisal of the attach toingisnadof each piece ofHadithliterature, Muslim scholars besides note that thematn, or the content, of eachHadithis besides of import. On the footing of the methods of unfavorable judgment developed by Muslim critics, there were legion rules for the unfavorable judgment ofmatnthat were utilised in finding the possible fiction of each personHadith. For illustration, the Traditions incorporating disproportionately high wagess for undistinguished good workss or disproportionately terrible penalties for ordinary wickednesss must be rejected ; the Traditions incorporating the excellence and congratulationss of individuals, folks and peculiar topographic points should be rejected ; the Traditions which contain elaborate prognostications of the future events with day of the months must be rejected ; and the Traditions containing such comments of the Prophet as may non be in maintaining with his prophetical place, or such looks as may non be suited to him, should be rejected. [ 18 ] This method was besides applied in order to do cross comparings between theHadiths. For illustration, theHadithsof different pupils of the same bookman were compared in order to turn up inaccuracies and falsenesss. In add-on to this method, the statements of a individual bookman at different times were compared. This method of unfavorable judgment was applied to look into whether the sender added something to the Hadith or it remained the same as he transmitted it before. Finally, harmonizing to theMuuaddith?n, the information gained from books is more reliable and accurate than what is based on one’s memory. The German bookman Ignaz Goldziher was among the first of Western writers to knock the methods of the traditional Muslim bookmans in placing forgedHadithliterature. Goldziher criticised these bookmans for puting their primary focal point when look intoing counterfeits on the accompanyingisnad( concatenation of transmittal ) and paying less attending to thematn( content ) of theHadithtradition. When theisnadis the primary standards for placing counterfeits, argues Goldziher, of import incompatibilities in the content ofHadithliterature are frequently unmarked [ 19 ] . One of the important hints for Western bookmans that aHadithTradition is deceitful is through placing mentions attributed to Muhummad refering events which could merely hold taken topographic point after the decease of Muhummad. Western bookmans make the premise that this occurs due to the fact that possibly people wanted to do their ain doctrinal place more legitimate by imputing it straight to Muhummad. For illustratio n, when Western bookmans see aHadiththat says When a Prophet was still among us, we compared no work forces with Abu Bakr and, after him, with Umar, and so Uthman. We made no differentiation between the staying Companions, ( Abu Dawud ) they point out that this is a direct mention to the split between the Shiites and Sunni Muslims which occurred long after the decease of Mohummad. Therefore, in the eyes of Western bookmans, thematnof thisHadithis historically inaccurate and it must be considered a counterfeit [ 20 ] . From this illustration it becomes clear that from a Western point of view aHadithmust be capable to strict scientific and historical standards, but from a Muslim point of view it must run into wholly different standards which are chiefly based upon the personal unity and honestness of the people mentioned in the concatenation of transmittal. This is merely one illustration of the divide that separates the two ways of analyzing spiritual texts for truth. From the literature reviews explored in this research undertaking it has become clear that there is undeniable grounds in support of the impression that a great manyHadithTradition came into being from mere fictions of the life, words, and workss of the Prophet Muhummad. However, these Traditions were sifted out and set under probe through textual unfavorable judgment by Traditional Muslim bookmans who devised vigorous standards for sorting the Traditions harmonizing to the nature of thematnand theisnadof each peculiar piece of literature. Despite these great attempts to place fictions, Western writers have been really critical about the historical and scientific truth of these methods. From a Western position the honestness and personal unity of the people quoted in theisnadof each peculiarHadithis non sufficient grounds to propose historical truth in theHadith, which has been the primary tool of probe employed by Muslim bookmans to place counterfeits. To Western bookmans the survey of thematnis of greater importance, and even if thematncontains no incompatibilities, absurdnesss, or inaccuracies, Western bookmans remain firm in their point of view that these standards entirely can non be sufficient for labeling literature as historically accurate. One ground to account for this can possibly be found in the fact that these bookmans have no spiritual jussive mood to happen truth in these Hagiographas, and whether they be proven to be fact or fiction has no consequence on their personal or spiritual lives. Regardless of the grounds which underlie this disagreement in sentiment between Western and Muslim bookmans, the divide in sentiments is prevailing with important ideological differences in the attack to the spiritual tradition of Islam as a whole and is non likely to be reconciled with the debut of any longer rigorous analytical standards ofHadithtexts. Mentions As-Siba`i, Mustafa.1961,As-Sunnah Washington Makanatuha fi at-Tashri` al-Islami. Cairo: Dar al-`Urubah. Azimi, M. M. , 1977,Surveies in Hadith Methodology and Literature, Indianapolis: American Trust Publications. Fazlur, R. 1965,Islamic Methodology in History, Pakistan: Central Institute of Islamic Research. Garden, K. 2005,The Koran and Hadith, Middle East Institute, Viewed April 22neodymium2006, lt ; gt ; Goldziher, I. 1967,Muslim Surveies, London: George Allen A ; Unwin LTD. Hallaq, W. B. 1999, The Authenticity of Prophetic Hadith: A Psuedo-Problem, ’ inStudia Islamic, Vol. 89, pgs. Juynboll, G. H. A. , 1969,The Authenticity of the Tradition Literature, Leiden: E. J. Brill. Nasr, A. , 1992,Dabit Ar-Riwayah `inda Al-Muhaddithin.Rottenstone: Dar ash-Shuruq. Shabbir, M. 1982,The Authority and Authenticity of Hadith as a Beginning of Islamic Law,New Delhi: Kitab Bhavan. Zubayr Siddiqi M. , 1961,Hadith Literature: Its Origin, Development and Special Features, Calcutta: Calcutta University Press.

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Learn How to Conjugate Sécher (to Dry) in French

Learn How to Conjugate Sà ©cher (to Dry) in French Meaning to dry, the French verb  sà ©cher  will be a good addition to your vocabulary. In order to say she dried or we will dry, however, you will need to study its conjugations. That is the focus of this introductory French lesson. The Basic Conjugations of  Sà ©cher Sà ©cher  is a  stem-changing verb  and that does throw a wrench into the conjugations. However, it is relatively easy to handle when you know what to look for. Pay close attention to the indicative mood forms of  sà ©cher  and youll notice that sometimes the accented  Ãƒ ©Ã‚  changes to  Ãƒ ¨. This happens most often in the present tense and the future gives you an option between the two. Other than that,  sà ©cher  follows the conjugation rules of  any  regular -er  verb. You can use the same endings you know for words like  tomber  (to fall) and apply them here. To study these, simply find the conjugation that corresponds to both the subject pronoun and the tense of your sentence. This results in  je sà ¨che  for I am drying and  nous sà ©chiez  for we dried. Present Future Imperfect je sche scheraischerai schais tu sches scherasscheras schais il sche scheraschera schait nous schons scheronsscherons schions vous schez scherezscherez schiez ils schent scherontscheront schaient The Present Participle of  Sà ©cher The  present participle  of  sà ©cher  does not get the stem change. Instead, you will simply add -ant  to the stem to form  sà ©chant. Sà ©cher  in the Compound Past Tense Passà © composà ©Ã‚  is the French compound past tense. This is where youll use the  past participle  sà ©chà ©Ã‚  along with the help of an auxiliary verb. To form it, begin by conjugating  avoir  into the present tense, then add the past participle. This gives us  jai sà ©chà ©Ã‚  for I dried and  nous avons sà ©chà ©Ã‚  for we dried. More Simple Conjugations of  Sà ©cher You will need to pay attention to the stem change in these forms of  sà ©cher  as well, particularly in  the subjunctive, which calls the act of drying into question.  The conditional  gives you the choice between the two forms because it implies that something will only be dried in the future if certain conditions are met. There is no stem change in either  the passà © simple  or  the imperfect subjunctive, both of which are literary tenses. Subjunctive Conditional Pass Simple Imperfect Subjunctive je sche scheraisscherais schai schasse tu sches scheraisscherais schas schasses il sche scheraitscherait scha scht nous schions scherionsscherions schmes schassions vous schiez scheriezscheriez schtes schassiez ils schent scheraientscheraient schrent schassent For short sentences, you may use  sà ©cher  in  the imperative.  Beyond the stem change in the  tu  form, youll also need to remember that the subject pronoun is not required here. Imperative (tu)           sà ¨che​​ (nous)  Ã‚  sà ©chons​​ (vous)  Ã‚  sà ©chez

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My Electronic Dictionary is Very Important to Me Essay

My Electronic Dictionary is Very Important to Me - Essay Example Chomsky continued that he â€Å"can find definitions for four or five words in one minute†. As an international student, the author understands and agree with Chomsky love of words. Knowing the meaning of various new words is essential for learning proper English. It is impossible to carry around a huge dictionary with me all the time. However, an electronic dictionary is something that helps me avoid all of the inconveniences. Everyone can benefit from the use of an electronic dictionary because â€Å"students and scholars of language, the electronic versions open up to our possibilities for the exploitation of dictionary texts that the print versions could not begin to offer". The reporter highlights that  "I use it to learn new words and I am not shy about using it in the conversations. How can I communicate effectively with people around me if I do not know the meaning of the words they say? I am very happy that I finally purchased an electronic dictionary. The dictionary is my constant companion and is always with me always. In many conversations, it helped me to find the right terms to use and not to make a fool of myself by saying something inappropria te. While my electronic dictionary is easy to use, the purchase of it was not quite as easy One day, when I went shopping with my parents to one of the department stores in our neighborhood, I saw an electronic English dictionary that was destined to be mine. It was well designed and offered amazing features. These characteristics caught my attention immediately. The dictionary, literally, mesmerized me with its smooth silvery case. I could not divert my eyes from it. I went closer to the shelf where it laid to have a better look at it. The list of available features in the dictionary was no less astonishing than its looks."